Monday, May 17, 2010

{Momma Kaye}

This post is dedicated to my momma. She is my favorite. She has always been one of my BEST friends and always will be. I love her and am so lucky to have her. Our relationship is so special to me!
Mother's Day weekend was so happy and fun! Saturday we spent the day at the temple to do some temple work for my mom's family. I love being in the temple with Preston and my family.

My mom's birthday is May 12th, right next to Mother's Day (she was actually born on Mother's Day) so it's a great big celebration each year!
Prest and i got her a willow tree figurine of the "grandmother" since she's gonna be a new grandma soon :)

Prest got me this blingin white watch for Mother's Day 
(being prego counts as being a momma in our book)

 Kaylee and Uncle Presto :)

We also celebrated May birthday's. Little Dax turns 2 May 21st

spoiled with "cars" memorabilia (his favorite)

Addi turns 1 May 26th

cute little outfit we gave her

Just a normal pic of Kaden eating some brownies. Such a funny little boy that loves to eat!

Playing with Uncle Preston

Of course..the prego belly pic.
23 weeks

~Continuing on with the mom festivities!~

So i had a fun idea to throw my mom a surprise birthday party. So that is just what we did. We had the theme of 50's/60's cause those were her days as a young girl. We just decorated it like a "sock hop" and wore 50's/60's clothes!
After much turned out great!

My Dad told her he was going to take her out to dinner for her birthday but had to stop at my bro's first cause Dax had a little present for her. Little did she know that was all a lie and her whole family would be there to celebrate for her birthday!

Here are some fun pics of the party!

She was so surprised

My mom wore this little outfit back when she was in high school as a cheerleader! So funny!

Pic of her high school (South High in SL)

pictures of her growing up

Kaden dancing and having fun!

Happy Birthday Momma! 

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Corrianne said...

Your mom is absolutely adorable! Thats so fun you did a surprise party for her!