Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{Pioneer Day Weekend}

Pioneer Day weekend was full of fun, food, family, and good times to celebrate! 

we of course went to the rodeo!

went to a Raptor's game with momma, heather & jeff and the kidlets

Went to the Pionner Day parade!

Went up to Crystal Hot Springs with Preston's fam

They had just gotten a new pit bull puppy and he got lots of attention :)
i want a puppy!

We also celebrated July birthdays with my family
Happy birthday Jer, Ry, & Aimee

Love these people and the fun we have. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

33 weeks

Today i am 33 weeks. I'm sort of freaking out how close it is getting! 
I love this side profile picture of him and his little lip poking out. Ah, i can't wait to see him!  Yesterday was our last ultrasound, cause he's getting too big and starting to take up too much room to get a good view of everything!
So if everything goes as planned, the next time i see this little guy will be when he's in my arms :D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


A couple weeks ago we celebrated Grandpa West's 90th birthday.  He is in such great health and doing so well for 90! We had a big celebration for him with the family and all his little old friends. 

Grandpa Dick and Grandma Molly. 
Sweethearts for 64 years :)
they have such a sweet story.


Preston thought Boston needed a name tag too, so everyone could know his name ;)
he's a silly daddy.

Mason & Stacey came in town from Seattle and Arizona for the party so it was a fun weekend hanging out with them since we don't see them very often!


 Boating at Pine View

Always great for a good laugh. I knew i kept him around for something ;)


loving the ''shake" app. on the iphone. i want one.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


One year ago today i said "yes" to this handsome boy. The best best best decision i've ever made. Life really began this day. Time has flown! I remember this time last year, going all crazy with wedding plans, now this year i'm going crazy with baby plans! :) Who woulda thought?! ha (certainly not me!) 


 He did such a beautiful and sweet job planning out the engagement

To celebrate this year we went to Olive Garden honor of our first date and the dinner he had set up the night of our engagement

look how lucky i am ;)

did a little bowling..don't worry i can still tare it up with a big fat belly :)

I love you Presty baby!