Monday, April 19, 2010

Kaylee turns 5!

Little miss Kaylee is growing up so fast! She is the cutest, sassiest, smartest little girl around. You'd never know she was only 5, since she has the sass of a teenager. Yet still so silly and full of energy! 
We love our Kaylee. 

We celebrated her birthday with the whole family on sunday. 
She had a cute Ariel cake.

Spoiled little girl. She is EVERYTHING princess.
and that is just what she got!

Today is her official birthday, so we went and celebrated at Texas Roadhouse 

Riding on the sattle

gotta take a pic of cute little Kaden

Kaylee's princess outfit from Aunt Danielle and Uncle Presto :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{Our Little MAN}

YEP! that's right! We've got a little man on the way!! Today was our big ultrasound and it was the best to finally know that our little baby is a boy! I loved how they inspected everything and the baby is just perfect! That's the one thing i always worry about...just hoping that it's still healthy and growing strong! He looks like the cutest little guy. He was moving around constantly and seemed to like to hang out on his back, almost like he was on his head, with his little bum and feet hangin out above him. As you can see from these pics. He didn't hide his manhood one bit. Legs wide open ;) We are so excited!!! 

The pics above are what i look like now at 19 weeks. finally posting belly pics ;) 
it's taken me a bit to get used to the growing belly...and growing me.. so that might have slowed down the excitement to take pictures of myself. but this little guy is so worth it and we are so happy!!

cutest little bum and wee wee i've ever seen ha ha

he looks like he's sucking his thumb! so cute.

We can't wait to meet him!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Well, the time has come! 
This Tuesday, in just 2 days we find out if this little baby is a boy baby or a girl baby!

We are SO excited!
Everyone make their guesses now what they think it is!

boy or girl??

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hope everyone enjoyed their easter and conference weekend! 
This years easter was a little different for my family, cause every year we head down south for camping, 4-wheeling, hiking, and fun! This year plans changed and we stayed home, so we tried to make the most of it!  

Prest got me a cute easter basket full of treats and a cute little lamby


easter wreath i made

We spent the day at my parents for an easter egg hunt and a big easter dinner 

all the kidlets searching for their eggs and goodies
too bad it was such a cold day!

he is so funny, he loves to just snuggle up on the floor

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. 
It's crazy to think that next easter we will have a 7 month old! yikes!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

{The breaking of Spring}

so, one of the great perks of working at an elementary, is all the little vacations the kidlets do i :) today was the first day of their spring break, and they don't go back till tuesday. that my friends, is just the break i needed, and am looking forward to a fun easter weekend! :)

tonight we went to a fun little birthday party for our nephew payton. the little tyke turned the big 4. it was at the ever so lovely classic skating in layton. (apparently those were the days of preston's childhood, but i for one was not one of those classic skater-ers every weekend. he thought i was so crazy. i think i went maybe twice. but after the refresher tonight -- i don't think i missed much ;) although i do think it must have been quite exciting being at that age skating around with my girlfriends, waiting for a handsome little fella to come ask me to skate with him, and naturally...hold hands. ha ha. so funny. a little side tracked there..

here are a few pics of the night

picture with the birthday boy, clearly a little distracted by all the birthday fun.

miss presley. don't mess with this girl. she glared me down, until i fed her some cake and ice cream. and boy does this little diva have a glare.
look at her go.

all fed and happy

after the little shindig we went and saw "the last song" i was a little timid at first cause good old miley isn't my favorite. sorry, she just isn't. for starters she really needs to fix her little snaggle tooth goin on in the front. nontheless, we liked the movie! i always enjoy a good nicholas sparks flick. always classics. but this one was surprisingly touching, and i loved the little brother in it. he was so cute.

good start to my long weekend! :)

hope everyone enjoys theirs, and has a very happy easter