Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Question we have our photographer all lined up! Blush Photography..check her out, she's wonderful! ( She is doing our engagements, bridals, and all day wedding coverage. I'm very excited! :) But i have one dilemma.. i always thought i wanted my future love to be surprised and see me in my wedding dress for the first time on our wedding day, but as you all know it's become more popular for the groom to be apart of the bridals. I see the pro's and con's to both sides and i can't quite decide! So here i am asking for advice from more experienced people than i :) ...what should we do? Input is greatly appreciated :)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's official!

Well if you haven't heard, we got engaged this last saturday! I wasn't expecting it so soon. I figured it wouldn't be for another week, because my ring wasn't even finished! But little did i know as i left work saturday, that i would be surprised with the best surprise i could ever have. Leaving work i got to my car and on my windshield was a letter. I opened it up thinking it was just a quick little hello, but as i kept reading the words "this is where we began" (america first) and that we were heading down the "express train" to eternity and that i needed to go over to Express in the mall to pick up something he had left there for me....i knew something was up. When i got to Express ....feeling quite embarrassed...i went up to the counter and talked to the manager and told her my name, and she handed me a little bag that had a necklace and earings in it and another letter. This letter told me of how he loved my style and good looks and to go to the place of books on 25th street. This was a good feeling when i had NO idea where that might be. Is there a book store on 25th street? WHERE DO I GO?! Good thing i was on the phone with my dearest mother...of course, and we remembered the library on 25th...duh. So then i went to the front counter at the library and there they had for me a big picture of the Bountiful temple (where we are sealing the deal) and a book about the symbols of the temple. Not to forget yet another letter. In this letter he told me to wear the jewelry that i just got, with the dress he had bought me a month or so back (he spoils me) :D and to come up to his house in the valley and he would be waiting for me. At this point the tears started coming. It was actually happening!! So i hurried home, got all ready and anticipated what i would find when i reached his home. When i got to his house, he had roses all up his walk way, in through his house, that led out to his back deck that over looks the beautiful Pine View Dam. When i got out there, it was a sight to see. Lights strung everywhere, roses all over the deck, a beautiful table set up with his moms china, all ready for a yummy Olive Garden dinner (our first date)......and there he was, my man....standing there with a rose. He walked towards me...i melted. We hugged. He kissed me. He said all his sweet words. Knelt down. Propsed. I screamed of course i'll marry you! He placed the ring on my finger and it was official. Eternity here we come. That is our story. I couldn't be happier :)

The ring :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

We are officially bloggers!

Life is exciting! I'm excited to be able to share all the fun things that are happening in our life with everyone! I now just have to rememeber to make time for this blog and keep it updated! :) More posts coming soon! Be excited!