Friday, February 25, 2011

{St. George}

This past Sunday we headed down to St. George for a few days with my Mom for the Parade of Homes. We usually go down every year to see the homes, and of course it's also a really good excuse to get away and enjoy some sun! We all love it so much down south and never want to come back! One day, i'm sure we will have a getaway home down there.
  We're determined :)

Here are just some fun pics from the trip. 
We stayed at Preston's Aunt and Uncle's home in Sunbrook.

Boston eating some cereal for the first time. He did really well! 
Look at his face. His eyes are on that food!

I'm ready to go!

it's bright out here, guys!

If it doesn't start getting warmer up north, we might be back down there again sooner than later!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Be Mine}

This past Valentines was celebrated over a few days. Bosty has been sick with a horrible cold, so things that we wanted to do, we did when we could, so we could be home with him. I think we haven't been as sleep deprived since he was a was a long week but we are happy he is getting better! :)

One night i surprised Prest with a candlelight dinner when he got home from work. My Mom took Boston, so we had a nice, quiet dinner together. I cooked fettuccine chicken alfredo, brochette, shrimp cocktail, salad, and a heart shaped brownie! It was just simple, romantic and yummy. 

My lover buns :)

Bosty opening up his Valentine from Mommy & Daddy
he did so good, almost got everything out of it by himself

mmm.. tissue paper

 My little Valentine
All our Valentines from each other and our family

Prest got me roses, lingerie (in case you wanted to know) ;)
and a pedicure to New Image that i'm very excited to use. 
I got him some yummy cologne from Hollister.
Bosty got his cute little outfit he's wearing in the pic above and his little monkey friend, pictured also and a few other little things.

Another night we also went to Olive Garden and went and saw "Just Go With It" ...So Funny!

Can't forget our chocolate covered strawberries we got from Gramma Lee :) the best!

We love any reason to celebrate our love. 
Which of course, we celebrate everyday not just V-day (we try to, at least) ;)

i sure love my boys!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Alex + Jordan

Yesterday one of my best friends, Alex tied the knot! I am so happy for her and Jordan. They were high school sweethearts and it's so sweet that they have ended up together! 
They had a dinner the night before at Maddox which was just delicious, of course. Then the ceremony and reception were beautiful! 
It's crazy to think back on how far our little friendship has grown. Us three (Amber, Alex and I) all met from other boys we were dating, all of us broke up with the boys and the girls all stayed great friends! (We determined that the reason for those relationships were so us three girls could meet) We have had the funniest and craziest times together! 
We are pretty awesome :) 

The beautiful bride!

Cute little Gracie