Saturday, December 11, 2010

Laughing with Grandma

Boston has the cutest baby laugh!
He is so ticklish, so it's hard to not make him laugh all the time. Except we refrain more than we'd like, cause it usually ends in hiccups or spit up! :)  {as you can see in the video}

Kissing his neck is sure to get him going. Oh how we love that little boy.

Sorry it uploaded kinda upside down..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Talk

This little one is gonna be a talker!
he is growing so fast :(

We can't get enough of that little voice

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

sleepy boy

happy dreams


Sure love this little boy

Friday, November 5, 2010

Unck Update!

On Oct. 26 Boston turned 2 months old! He is just growing and growing! Which we are very happy about since he was such a little one. Don't get me wrong, he is still little! But he is progressing so well! He now weighs 10 lbs. and is 21 1/2 inches long! {5th percentile for both height and weight} He gained 9 ounces in just a week though, so i have no doubt he is going to catch up. He is cuter than ever and we love that little guy more than we ever thought possible.

We went in for his 2 month check up. Poor little boy had to get his first round of shots. Two in one leg, one in the other and had to swallow orally the last one. It was the saddest thing i've ever seen! I had never heard him cry like that. Mommy cried too. I couldn't help it! Glad the shots will help him to be healthy though. Mommy and Daddy even went and got their flu shots the same day so we don't catch anything to insure he doesn't catch it and help keep him healthy!
So sad.

Worn out little boy.
Fell asleep before i even got him buckled in his car seat.

Baby is such a sweet happy boy! He is so smiley and his coos and little noises are the sweetest thing ever. He is even starting to have a little laugh.  It's so adorable! 

Some recent fun facts about baby B: 
*He is the biggest wiggle worm. Can't stop moving!
* His tummy and back are so ticklish. You can't even rub his back without him freaking out.
*He sleeps at least 6-7 hours a night. Mommy and Daddy are much happier these days :)
* He has a crush on the ceiling fan. Without fail he'll be smiling and talking away when he sees one.
*He loves his bath time. Makes the cutest faces.
*He snuggles his face in our neck when he's getting tired.
*He refuses to stay swaddled ..gotta have his hands by his face!
*At 2 plus months, he is still in NB diapers and NB clothes. little one.
* He has the loudest burps! Always scares me to burp him in church ... :)
* He has the cutest little snore...just like daddy {except daddy's isn't so cute and little} ;)
 *He is THE CUTEST baby boy ever.

This year for Halloween he was just too small for all the costumes so he got to wear his cute little pumpkin outfit.  
He sure is Mommy's little pumpkin!
My fam had a fun Halloween party so we all dressed up and partied it up!

Mommy the Kitty and Daddy the scary Vampire! 
baby DID NOT like our painted faces..totally scared him and made him cry :(

 Getting ready to trick-or-treat with cousin Kaylee and Kaden

 Love our little one so much!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

{Blessing B}

Last Sunday {10.10.10}we blessed baby Boston. It was the best day. Preston gave him such a sweet blessing. So lucky to have a husband who is a worthy priesthood holder. He has such a strong testimony and carries the most amazing spiritHe is the best example to me and i really admire him and who he is. The spirit was so strong the whole meeting and we are just so grateful to have this little blessing in our family.

Thank you to family and friends who came and for helping out with the delicious lunch after :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of him

Don't know what i'd do without him!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby B

We had some pictures taken of baby and a couple as a family. We really like how they turned out. Bost is such a little stud muffin!

Love this one with daddy

I love being a mommy :)


A few weeks ago, September 24 Prest and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary! 
I'm finally getting around to posting about it. I suppose it was an important enough day to make sure i post about! :)

I'm sure not many people can say they celebrated their first anny with their first baby! ;) But we are so happy to have him in our lives. We love our sweet little family. 

To start out the day, Prest made us a yummy breakfast and surprised me with beautiful roses. 

Then we headed down to the Bountiful temple, had lunch together and wrote in our "love book" 
(we have a book of all of our memories, pics, keepsakes, etc.. from everything we've done together, since we started dating that we each write in) and plan to have for the rest of our lives together!

our anniversary was definitely a perfect day to reflect on all our fun memories since we met. i love our story.

Then we headed to Foothill in SL (which we totally want to live there one day!) and went to "Sweet Tooth Fairy" bakery. The yummiest place ever. It's definitely a favorite and you should go there if you've never been!
Then we went to dinner at PF Changs. Always a classic. It was a perfect day with the ones we love.

I am so lucky!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birth Announcement

Baby Boston's birth announcement!  Isn't he just the cutest!? We sure think so!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last Wednesday the 15th, this momma turned 24! I know, i'm getting old! It was a very fun and happy day, all thanks to my sweet husband.

We celebrated with my family the Sunday before. Look at that work of art ;) Preston made me a delicious homemade Texas sheet cake.

We started out my actual birthday with going to a check up for Boston.  He has been struggling to gain weight so we've had to keep a close eye on him along with the pediatrician.  I am happy to inform he gained 9 ounces in one week and is now almost 7 pounds! He was only at 6 pounds for a couple weeks. Go little Bosty.

Then we had a fun picnic in the park for lunch

After the picnic Preston surprised me and drove me right to Massage Envy for an hour long blissful massage. I needed it and sure enjoyed it! :)

Then we took Bosty to Grandma Lee's and we headed to Salt Lake, where we went to dinner at the Garden's restaurant on top of the Joseph Smith building. Such a beautiful view!

It was such a happy birthday! 
Glad i got to spend it with my favorite boys!