Monday, December 14, 2009


i'm sure many of you have the same feeling for your lovers, but this past weekend i have been so overwhelmed with almost obsessive love for my sweet husby. i feel kinda silly saying it, but it's the only way i can explain it! we didn't do anything too out of the ordinary but i couldn't shake the feeling of how lucky i was. Prest is my best friend and so perfect for me. i love those moments when you realize time and time again just how lucky you are!

i love this time of year!


isn't he so handsome :)

i think so.


Saturday we celebrated birthday's for December

Jackson is such a stud and so fun! We love him.

He turned 7. Can't believe it.

Baby Kaden's 1st birthday!

ah, i love this little turtle bug.


miss becky turned 28 :)


i can't get enough of this face.

All of the kids LOVE Preston.
He's gonna be such a good little daddy.


It was a good weekend :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vegas and Cali

Last week we spent in Vegas and California. We played in Vegas for fun and went to Cali for a business conference. I don't have very many pics from Cali since we were in meetings the majority of the time we were there. But it was great! Lots of motivation for our business that we love! ..and of course great food was involved and naturally went and saw
Twilight...again. :)
Vegas was fun, like always. We (college buds) used to always go to Vegas when we lived down in St. G for college so it always brings back fun memories when i go back.

It was a good little break from work and the snow :)

These statues are screaming for people to take their picture in front of them. Rarely do we resist in the opportunity.

i think Prest makes a good caesar, i on the other hand might have to remove a few pieces of clothing before i resemble this lovely goddess to the fullest.

Water show at the Bellagio.
Classic and must see while in Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas

Our hotel

Just playing around in F.A.O Shwartz.
A child's dream, or (preston and my dream)
full of toys! :)

Playing some air hockey
*You're looking at the losers of the battle*
Mom and Prest=the losers
Dad and I= the winners :)
i don't mess around.

Christmas at the Bellagio

Here we are in Cali at our meetings for ACN.
jer, becky, me, prest

The end.

Monday, December 7, 2009

1st Birthday!

Tomorrow the 8th is my little nephew Kaden's 1st birthday!
i can't believe he is going to be one whole year!
He is the cutest little chub ever and i love him like my own :)

{i'm sure his mommy knows that too}

Happy Birthday Kaden!

Monday, November 23, 2009

{Official} Wedding Pictures

So we got our wedding day pictures back from the photographer..finally :)
Here are some of our favorites.
There are far too many to upload them all...

{Check out facebook to see more}