Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bear Lake

We got to spend a long weekend up in Bear Lake for the 4th. We love going up to our cabin and spending time playing at the beach and on the boat with the family. It's always been one of my favorite vacations in the summer.. Probably because i've grown up coming to Bear Lake. 

Little Dax ready to go to the beach with his little "Cars" backpack and waterbottle :)

Playing in the mud, doing what little boys do best. 
This was right before he started throwing it at us :)
Dax and Grandma

 Cute Jackson

Kaden and Uncle Preston pushing the lawn mower.

Kaden loves anything that he can push. 
(this was right before he moved on to the vacuum.)

Silly bugs

Celebrating the 4th with a little firework show at the beach

Sitting by the campfire

Water babies

Excuse the large and in charge belly taking up most of the pic ;)

My little boat ride 
(can't do much with the little tyke inside)

He gives the best kisses. 
If you ask him for a kiss, he'll stop anything he's doing, pucker up, and come give you a kiss. 
love him to pieces.

Can't wait to go back for Raspberry Days!

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