Thursday, July 1, 2010

30 weeks

the belly is growing and growing!
i'm officially 30 weeks now. 10 more to go! (that is if i go the full 40..)
crazy how fast time is going by...but the sooner i'm not prego, the better :) don't get me wrong, i want the little guy to come when he's good and ready, but being preg in the summer is probably one of my least favorite things thus far in my life ;) jk... i just really can't wait to not feel like my body temp is at least 120 degrees, when my feet and hands don't swell, when i don't feel like a blown up balloon, when i have a normal pee schedule, and the blessed day when i can wear my old clothes and be back to my normal size. 
he's more than worth it, but i just can't wait till he's here! 


Kody and Stacie Rogers said...

Hi Danielle! I found your blog from facebook and have been reading for awhile, I thought it was time for a comment!
Congrats on being pregnant AND having a boy! So fun. You're so close to the end! Being pregnant in the summer SUCKS. But I have to say that I have it much worst down here in St. George ;)
Good luck with everything, and I hope you don't mind if I keep reading!

Danielle and Preston said...

Hey Stace! Of course i don't mind! And Congrats to you too! Yah for boys :) And you're right..i can't even imagine being preg in St. George. Stay close to the pool & AC! :)