Monday, June 28, 2010

"When you're in NEW YORK"

...."Big lights will inspire you, make you feel brand new... New York, New York.."
(trust me that song got sung a lot while we were in NYC, if you can imagine.  Good old Jay Z and Alicia Keys :)
So i'm finally getting to the post of our second part of the trip..
you might have already seen some pics of them from my good pal FB
but if not, well, here they are!

We love New York.

Rockefeller Center

subway ridin

ground zero

Monument dedicated to the families of 9/11

Ferry ride to Lady Liberty and around the bay

Merrill Lynch bull and his famous balls ;)

Our hotel
The most comfortable bed ever!
that's very important to a prego girl :)

In the theater waiting for "WICKED"
by far the best broadway show i've ever seen

New York's finest pizza. Preston's favorite.
Time Square


Basso56 the best authentic italian ever. so yum!

love me some juicy

Manhattan temple. right downtown!

Central Park

welcome to the candy shop!
three levels of pure goodness.

riding to the airport NY style :)
we called for a shuttle and this is what they gave us.

Goodbye New York...

for now.

Glad to be home. 
Traveling isn't my first choice at 6 1/2 months prego but despite it all, we had so much fun!



The Walkers said...

Looks like you had SO much fun. I love New York! And you are looking more and more pregnant every post :) I lOVE it...Cant wait for your little guy to get here. You cant even imagine how wonderful it is!

Alyssa said...

Looks like you had a blast! This post really made me miss New York I love it there. Hope you are doing well I havn't seen ya in forever!!! You're an adorable prego girl to by the way...but I'm sure that's what everyone has been telling ya.

Nick & Lindsey said...

you would put your head in the balls hahaha. how fun does that trip look!!! my schedule finally worked out and i am coming to your shower! can't wait to see that cute belly!