Friday, June 18, 2010


Well we're home! and slowly getting back into the groove of things!
here are the highlights of the first part of our trip...

On our way to Boston!
Preston served his mission in Boston, so it was awesome to go back with my parents and see all the areas he served in.


Welcome to Boston!

Visiting the beautiful Boston temple

The first Sunday in Boston we got to go to church in Franklin. Prest served in the Franklin area and was one of his favorite areas.

The Forgitt's
crazy, fun family that kept preston well fed on his mish!

We had a delicious steak dinner at the Labonte's. Preston helped reactivate the son and baptize his girlfriend. He went back last year for their sealing in the temple and it was such a crazy coincedence (blessing) that we would be in Boston the same weekend they were blessing their baby boy, Logan. It was so special for Preston to be apart of the blessing and see how far their little family has come.

Just riding the "T"
gets you everywhere you want to go. similar to the subway but a little nicer ;)
the state capitol

downtown Boston!

"Where everyone knows your name..."

There was an election and a colonial parade going on to start it off

The North End Harbor

The North End Chapel. 
Where Paul Revere saw the British forces.

Pastry's from "Mikes Pastry's"
(helped preston chub up on his mission) ;)

Went back to the temple to do sealings.

The North Bridge. 
Where the Colonial troups met the British forces and won the battle.
"The British are coming, the British are coming!"

The well known author, Ralph Waldo Emerson's grave sight.
Louisa M. Alcott's grave.
wrote "Little Women"
there were lots of other well known author's burried in this cemetary.

The South Bay. 
Where the Boston Tea Party met.

Eating at the "Barking Crab". Such delish seafood right on the bay!

Cape Cod
at the port to Martha's Vineyard
The Cape was such a beautiful area!

downtown Cape 


Plymouth Rock  
(kinda thought it would be a little bigger than this)

The Mayflower

Playing with the squirl

Not to forget Preston's favorite place. 
Fenway Park
home of the Boston Red Sox.

Cute little Boston outfit for baby!
Baby got spoiled this trip.  
We're naming him Boston, cause prest has always wanted to name his little boy that after serving his mission there. So i guess it's fitting that he gets some Boston attire! ;)
He's gonna be such a little stud.

Enjoying the Cheesecake Factory

Leaving Boston on the train to NYC!

Boston is so historical and Beautiful! We loved getting the opportunity to go back!

Up next.... NYC! :)


P and C said...

SOOO many fun and gorgeous pics!! I've always wanted to go to Boston-it's beautiful there! How fun for you to see it too, going to your hubby's mish is such a neat experience! I love that you're naming baby boy Boston too! Did you get a nice camera? If so, what kind? So fun Danielle-miss your cute face!! :)

The Scano's said...

Wow I am so jealous! You look so cute and preggy! I have always wanted to go to Cape Town. You will have to tell me all about it! I miss your face donny

The Hafen's said...

Looks like fun! Congrats on your baby on the way!

Rachel said...

don't you just love boston?! we went last summer for a week and half and loved it!