Sunday, July 18, 2010


One year ago today i said "yes" to this handsome boy. The best best best decision i've ever made. Life really began this day. Time has flown! I remember this time last year, going all crazy with wedding plans, now this year i'm going crazy with baby plans! :) Who woulda thought?! ha (certainly not me!) 


 He did such a beautiful and sweet job planning out the engagement

To celebrate this year we went to Olive Garden honor of our first date and the dinner he had set up the night of our engagement

look how lucky i am ;)

did a little bowling..don't worry i can still tare it up with a big fat belly :)

I love you Presty baby!

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Kell and Haylee said...

HAHA! Nice pants Preston... And I'm sure glad you guys ended up together!