Monday, May 17, 2010

St. George Triathlon

This past weekend we spent in the beautiful st. george for preston's triathlon. This was the first tri prest has done and might i say, he did mighty well!

mom & me layin out at the pool! man was i craving some sun!

st. george is so beautiful! i miss it!
S 23...Sprint tri/age 23

there were lots of athletes involved in the race

right before the race started
let the race begin!

coming out of the water from his 750 meter swim!

getting ready to go bike 16 miles!

love those buns ;)

here he comes!

off to running 3.5 more miles!

finally ..the finish line! 
he did it!!

getting rejuvenated!

This boy did so well! He did the whole race in 1:33. Placed 4th in his division (age 20-24) 5 seconds away from 3rd and 15 seconds away from 1st! Overall out of all of the 600+ athletes in the sprint tri he placed 92nd! He has found himself a new love and i will be cheering him on, all along the way :)

momma loves him

such a stud muffin!

gotta take a pic of the belly! 
24 weeks

we loved you st. george. we'll be back soon :)


Anonymous said...

thats amazing. wow, way to go, to the husband!!
danielle, your baby bump is so. stinkin. cute!! :)

Teri Wadman said...

That is way cool. We were actually down south this last weekend too and the bike part of the tri went right past the house we stayed in! Way to go Preston!

Lauren said...

your baby belly is so cute!!!

The Scano's said...

woo hoo way to go. when are you gonna join him?

Corrianne said...

Thats awesome Preston did the tri! Way to go Preston! You look adorable Danielle! We need to plan a play date soon!