Friday, May 28, 2010

baby feet

So there's a good chance that baby will soon have as many shoes as i do... that's a scary thought! He's not even here yet! But honestly i do not know who or how anyone can resist these adorable little things.  When seen, i must get :) Although, i must say a couple have been gifts....give myself a little credit ;) 
All i can say, is our little man is gonna be a stud, sporting these sweet things! 

Ah! i can't wait to see him in them! :)
{Don't worry i won't post all the clothes and other fun stuff he already has. i just couldn't help myself!}

14 weeks to go!

i just got these ones today. so adorable.

If he's anything like his mommy,
I know he's inside, excited to wear them too :)


Kathryn Buxton said...

Well now I know not to get him shoes... :)

Danielle and Preston said...

katty you can get him shoes all you want :) clearly they will be liked!

Brittany said...

Baby shoes are my FAVORITE!

The Walkers said...

CUTE!! I will attest to the fact that baby clothes are impossible to resist buying :)

The Mrs said...

So freaking cute!!! I love baby shoes!! I'll be adding to his stash :)