Monday, April 19, 2010

Kaylee turns 5!

Little miss Kaylee is growing up so fast! She is the cutest, sassiest, smartest little girl around. You'd never know she was only 5, since she has the sass of a teenager. Yet still so silly and full of energy! 
We love our Kaylee. 

We celebrated her birthday with the whole family on sunday. 
She had a cute Ariel cake.

Spoiled little girl. She is EVERYTHING princess.
and that is just what she got!

Today is her official birthday, so we went and celebrated at Texas Roadhouse 

Riding on the sattle

gotta take a pic of cute little Kaden

Kaylee's princess outfit from Aunt Danielle and Uncle Presto :)

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Corrianne said...

Oh she is a little cutie! I'm so glad you found our we can be blog stalkers! haha