Monday, March 14, 2011

Sad News

This is my sister Heather and my brother-in-law Jeff with their kids Kaylee and Kaden. I love this family so much. I have always been close to them. I love her kids like my own. This past weekend they got news that Jeff got a new position in his company. That position is moving them to St. Louis. Here came the water works. Jeff leaves in April and the rest of the family will move out in June when Kaylee gets out of school. I will miss them so much. The worst part is they don't know if they'll ever come back to Utah, just depends on where Jeff's job takes them. I know it's common in a lot of families to have siblings live in other states. But not mine. We've all been lucky enough to all still be here in Utah. HOME. So it will be a big adjustment and hard to get used to. I don't know how anyone gets used to not having their family close by. Our kids were supposed to grow up together and play together. Now they'll maybe see each other a couple times a year. I'm happy for them and Jeff's success, but i am going to miss those babies so much. And my sister and brother. Now Prest and I are just going to have to have a savings dedicated to plane tickets -just to go out and visit them. Wish me luck that i will get used to this. So far, it's not working :(

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Corrianne said...

Oh that makes me so sad for you Danielle! I don't know what I would do if one of my siblings moved out of state! I'm such a family girl that I like everyone to live close to each other! Good luck girly!

Love ya!