Saturday, March 26, 2011

7 Months

My sweet little Bosty Roo turned 7 months today!
It's hard to believe it! He is growing up so fast. I know i say it every month older he gets, but it's true. Time goes too fast! I know every mother knows the feeling.

My sister snapped a few of these pictures a couple weeks ago. He's such a handsome little thing.
He is a ladies man. We can't go anywhere without getting stopped so people can see him and tell us how freakin' cute he is! Like we didn't know?? ;)
He is the sweetest, happiest most perfect little boy. seriously. We are so blessed. 
Ah, i love him!


Corrianne said...

Wow! He is 7 months and I have only seen him once! We are bad cousins girly! We definitely need to come see him! If Jared and I would just jump on the baby wagon Bosty and our little one could have play dates all the time!

Lindsey & Tony said...

Such a cute kid!