Monday, March 14, 2011

My Lovers Birthday

March 9th was Preston's birthday! 
He had three different celebrations throughout the week with family. He got this new bike from his family. He's already ridden it a lot and is excited to really test it out in the triathlons this summer.

Mimi and Payton and Presley
The day of his b-day Boston had his 6 mo. check-up, so we went to that and then went out to lunch, opened some presents and went to Gateway and did some shopping and went to dinner at Happy Sumo. 
He still has a surprise present from me, coming soon :)

The birthday boy!
 Yesterday we celebrated with my family.
He got some new clothes, gift cards and new temple clothes, that he really needed!

We love you Prest! Hope you enjoyed your birthday week :)

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