Thursday, March 4, 2010

hungry bird

Kaden the bird from Danielle Unck on Vimeo.

My nephew Kaden is such a funny little boy. He LOVES his food :) Anytime he is hungry or if he sees you with food, without fail you will hear this sound coming from this little wide open mouth. He reminds me of a little bird, ready for feeding. he makes me laugh and i love him so.

As for an update! I am now 13 weeks, my last week of the first trimester! Only two more trimesters to go! It's going by so fast. It's still hard to believe. Everything is going great. Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and support! :)

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Kelli with Love said...

You are gonna be the cutest, proudest momma in the world! I have thought this since BEFORE you were preggers too, by the way! You can tell how much you (and Preston!) love spending time with nieces and nephews. I can't wait until you're posting pics and videos of your own!! So excited for you!