Wednesday, March 10, 2010

birthday boy!

Yesterday was my sweet lover boys birthday! On Monday night he got home from work and i told him i wanted to go out and get something for dinner. So we headed out, little did he know i had our bags packed ready to go in the trunk and a fun over-niter planned in Park City. I told him we were going to eat at a place he'd never been to up the canyon. He was so confused, but totally believed it. Before he knew it, we were in PC! He was so surprised! Success! It was a perfect little birthday get-a-way. Full of good food, presents, shopping, swimming, and relaxing fun! I love when we get to spend so much time together with no worries, just fun! He is the best husband in the world and he deserves only the best. He works so hard for us and i am so lucky! He's so fun and sweet and i love him more and more every day!
Happy Birthday Presto! ;)

Birthday boy at Baha Cantina (family tradition while in PC) so good!

He was a little embarassed ;)

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Walkers said...

Fun! Park City is seriously the best getaway ever! It looks like you spoiled your Preston for his bday. What a good little wifey! :) So this is kinda short notice but my baby shower is this Saturday and I would love to see you there! Al is going to be there and Linds might be there. anyways, I'm posting the invite on my blog w/ details. Love ya lasm!