Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{Baby's doing summersalts}

Went to the doctor today.

Got to hear the baby movin' all around in my belly for the first time. 

I think i'm in love :) 

It's an active little thing.
It's doing summer salts according to the doctor ;) 

Can't believe how fast it's growing (and me)

The best part, we find out if it's a boy or a girl next appointment, 

just 4 weeks away! :D 

eek! soooo excited!!

Also can't wait till it's not just an "it" anymore!

i love you baby :)


Walkers said...

SO fun! Just wait till the first ultrasound. AMAZING. I'm happy for you :)

The Hodges said...

Hey lady!! Sorry I didn't get your post of FB yet :) The pictures are BIG! 2 ft by 3 ft to be exact! ahaha! They are lovely! The Salt Lake is so pretty! Its my favorite! I loved it more than Bountiful! haha!