Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Boston

 Well our little babe is almost 2 weeks old! Can't believe how fast time goes.  He came a little sooner than expected..my actual due date is this Thursday, the 9th, so two weeks early. We're so happy he's here and can't get enough of him! 

The Story:

Wednesday, August 25th i woke up and lost my mucus plug that morning. Hopefully you know what that is cause I'm not explaining it :) I was quite surprised, and it got me excited that things were starting to progress! I wasn't thinking anything was going to happen that quick so i went along with my previous plans for that day and went up to PC with my mom. We spent the whole day shopping and walking around and that may or may not have progressed things a little faster..even though i wasn't feeling like i was straining myself or anything, but did have occasional crampy like contractions. We got home that night around 9 and everything was normal.  Prest and I went to bed and i hadn't fallen asleep yet and around 12:45 am. i felt something starting to rush out of me, so i jumped up out of bed so fast and just stood there and looked down...."uhhh....PRESTON!...my water just broke!" Mind that he is dead asleep and it takes him a minute to wake up or he's totally out of it.  He just stared at me..."So, you're water broke?" I'm like "YES!..  LOOK!" pointing down. It was pretty intense if you can imagine it.  So we jumped up and i went to the bathroom, attempting to put myself together which wasn't really working  since i wouldn't stop gushing/leaking ...TMI? sorry :) So i spent about an hour over the toilet, and bathtub while screaming to Preston throughout the house what to pack and get ready. (Yeah, we were not prepared!) I was planning on getting that all ready the next day. Oops! Finally the rush slowed down, i was able to get some clothes on and we headed to the hospital around 1:45! By this time i was having some stronger contractions.  We headed into the ER, they admitted me and started doing some tests on everything. Watching how close my contractions were etc...and i loved how they had to test to see if my water had really ruptured with this little piece of paper and if it turned blue from the stuff coming out of me then it had ruptured. I was like uh...something has been leaking out of me for the past hour....i'm pretty dang sure it broke!! But of course they had to make sure.  Preston asked the nurse, "what else would it have been?" and she responded with, "maybe pee." I laughed and was like do you think i don't know the difference between pee and some other weird crap coming out of me for a straight hour?! it was interesting. Not to mention this same nurse helped me get my robe on and told me i looked cute naked and pregnant.   Um...Thank you?? awkward!  Finally around 3 am. we headed up to the room, that little did i know was going to spend the next 16 hours in! Around 3:30 am. i got my epidural since they were going to start loading in the patosin to speed up my contractions.  I didn't want to even bother dealing with stronger, more painful contractions so we went for it! The anesthesiologist had to do it twice since the first time he hit a vein. Awesome, thank you so much for that.  My sweet husband hates needles and was staring out the window during this special time, so i had no clue what was going on! In the end it really wasn't bad at all! Comparable to getting an IV in. So, i got my epidural in, the patosin was flowing, got my catheter in, and all that was left to do was wait! All i could do was lay there...for hours. Family stared showing up that following morning, anxious and ready. By this time i was already starving ha ha. Dang ice chips! Although they did let me have popsicles and suckers, yahoo! :) The day went on and on, progressing about like normal.  They say your first pregnancy always takes longer, so i was ok with it. They told me around noon would be their guess of when i would have the baby, so when noon came and went i was getting a little anxious/frustrated. That afternoon was the longest, most stressful time.  I was finally dilated to an 8 around 3 pm, but wasn't progressing much past that. The doc came in and the C section talk started coming up. My heart sank. I knew however it turned out, it would be ok, but i just didn't want one!! The doc left again and said he would be back at 5 and if i hadn't progressed we would start the C section. So we prayed and prayed and Prest gave me a sweet blessing and all hoped for the best! The doctor came back a little after 5 and we were all thinking the C section was going to happen.  He checked me out and the look of shock hit his face..."Wow, you're fully dilated, let's start pushing!" Such relief hit us all! They got me all ready, and told me it would probably be an hour to two hours of pushing. Much to their surprise, within only a half hour of pushing, out came little Boston! He wanted out, and i wanted him out! We were a good team :) So glad i had Preston and my family in the room to coach me through it all! It was the happiest, most emotional moment of my life! I cried and cried.. so happy my baby was finally here, healthy and perfect as can be! 
Never have i felt so lucky!

Here are some pictures of the happy day!
Except the first one.. i was so tired, uncomfortable, anxious, etc.. 

He's here!

Having him home with us has been so special! Our lives totally revolve around him. It's been so nice to have Prest home from work for a couple weeks.  He is the best daddy! Boston is so sweet and such a good baby!! He loves to sleep. He is such a little guy so we have to feed him quite often until he gets a little bigger. Mommy and Daddy are quite sleep deprived but wouldn't change it for the world! We love him so much and just still can't believe he's here and he's ours!! 

We love you baby Bosty!


Teri Wadman said...

Danielle! He is the cutest! I am so happy for you two or should I say three!

Rachel said...

Danielle you look so happy, congrats, Boston is so adorable. Still can't believe you are a mama! But so amazing, happy day!!