Thursday, November 5, 2009


So...i kinda stole this idea from another blogger :).. but, i really liked the idea and thought it would be a really good thing for me. It's the season to be especially grateful for all our blessings, (i'm really really excited for Thanksgiving!) so each post i have decided to include a list of big and even the simple things i am grateful for that day. I think we can always use a little reminder of how blessed we are, and how sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day routine and our crazy, busy and sometimes negative lives..we easily forget! goes the first list!

Today i am grateful for:

-my hard-working husband
i had to, of course

- my supportive family

-a job where i get to play with crazy little kidlets everyday

-our warm, cute & cozy apartment that keeps us safe


addicitive, yet such inspiration that comes from cute little fellow bloggers out there..hence the idea for this very list ;)

my car

-the gym we have in our apartment that is currently trying it's hardest to get my butt in shape!
...i think it's trying harder than i am... ;)

-my lap top that i am now currently putting to great use

princess fruit snacks
don't judge me, i eat them everyday, and they're delish.. and may or may not taste so much better than the regular fruit snacks just because they're princesses. preston has gotten so good that he can point out who the princess is before he eats them...ha ha, he told me that one day as if i would be so proud...and...i was :)

-red box
I'm almost positive we've seen everything that little red box has to offer
we LIKE movies :)

-the bEaUtiFuL fall weather right now
i don't think it can get any better

-my husby's strong hands that give me massages

-my comfy bed
that i am laying on right now, and will be falling fast asleep on right.. about.. now :)

lots and lots of love.

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