Sunday, November 1, 2009

{Happy Halloween}

So we started out the fun filled night with my family at my parents. Got to spend some time with these cute little babies and do a little trick-or-treating!

Kaylee the wicked witch and
Kaden the cute chubby Lion.

I love his little teeth showing in his smile :)

The one and only Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle!

Little Daxton the pirate :)

Love love love these little babes so much!
pretty much cutest in the whole world!


we headed over to Kathryn and Chad's for a little par-tay!

We enjoyed a yummo dinner and laughed and laughed playing games and having fun together!

The hosts...Kathryn
the sweet little {Cow}

a.k.a. Dwight Schrute
{such a perfect costume for Chad!}

Brock and Arrienne
{Doesn't get much more white trash then they do!}
SO hot :)

Jason and Nicole
{Pink Lady and Danny Zuko}

Brandon and Chelsea
{White trash fireman...notice the mullet...and a lovely witch}

Also, not pictured...
Brad and Missy were the Pope and a nun
Andy and Michelle were a cowboy and cowgirl.

Such a fun night!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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Heather K said...

There are the cutest. I couldn't believe how cute Dax & Temes' were. I will never forget when Preston came out of the bathroom - tights only! He's such a good sport! I think you had the best costumes!!