Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mommy's Day

"Motherhood is the symbol of love, in its highest and purest form. Motherhood is the symbol of compassion, forgiveness, unselfishness, patience, long-suffering, faith and fortitude. Motherhood is the cardinal point in God's intelligent plan, the keystone of His glorious creation, the purest channel of His magnificent handiwork. To revere motherhood is to worship God. He who holds in his heart the greatest love, the highest esteem and the deepest reverence for motherhood, walks closest to God." 

I am so blessed to be a Mother!

What a happy weekend it was! Boston and Preston spoiled me rotten! I am so lucky to have these sweet boys! I love them so much and am honored to be a wife and mommy to them!
Saturday they surprised me with these gorgeous long stem roses! Then Mother's Day morning i got another surprise with Sapphire earings! They are so beautiful! Sapphire is my birth stone so they are that much more special!


 My little Roo that made me a Momma
Best Friends

It was such a perfect day celebrating our Moms! 
My mom has always been one of my very best friends and she has taught me everything about being a Mom. She is the prefect example of what a Mom is and so much more! We're always together i love her so much! I'm grateful for Preston's Mom in raising such an amazing man! He truly is the best and respects me and makes me feel so special as a wife and mother.

Being a Mom is the best!

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