Friday, January 22, 2010

No more winter!

Disclaimer: for all of you winter lovers, this post is not for you. get over it.

Well it's official. I have decided there is no more need for winter. I do enjoy winter activities, but we haven't been having very good snow at all, so there really is no point, right? As i eat my words as i look out the window to FIND IT'S SNOWING! blast! I do love the rain, and i am ok with it, as long as it's not freezing and eventually turns to snow! January is just gloomy and ugly. Good thing it's almost over! Basically i just hate being cold! and tend to get cold very easily! February is just around the corner, which means Valentine's Day is coming up (one of my favorite holidays)...something to look forward to. and spring will be right around the corner from that, which means WARMER weather will come right along too! I hope :) Things are looking up on this yucko wintery January day. 

One day soon i hope i'll be able to view these beauties and be very warm and not shivering :)

i miss the lake, the beautiful flowers, i want to lay on the grass, feel the warm summer wind, walk through the beautiful trees in the spring (i don't think i've ever really done that, but looking at this picture, right about now i want to!)

this last one is really more of a wish ;)

take me to a beach.

that is all. :)

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